Sunday, March 1, 2015

Patience and Playing

Work in progress-white throated sparrow
The days are getting longer and the weather is getting least in my part of the country! We've just turned the calendar to March, can spring be far behind?

While I try to have patience for better weather so I can join my husband in his little trailer without being locked inside with the windows covered to stay warm, I have been amusing myself with doing quick bird studies on toned paper. I have done this technique before (see this post) and liked the results so I decided to try a few more.
White-throated sparrow (5" x 7" watercolor and gouache on Mi-teintes paper)
I found this little sparrow scratching in the leaf litter under some blackberry brambles. At my approach he promptly disappeared into the tangle of vines, but after I made some "pishing" noises he popped out and posed long enough to snap a few reference photos. I decided that painting him on green toned paper made me think of spring and new adventures!