Friday, June 27, 2008

Puppy Love

I think I'm in love! I had the opportunity the other day to photograph this Golden Retriever puppy and I was smitten!! His name is Copper and he was the sweetest puppy! I'm a sucker for any puppy, but most especially the hunting breeds and this little guy stole my heart! He has the kind of personality that you just know he's going to grow up to be an extra special dog. A few days after I shot the pictures I heard that he was involved in an accident on an ATV and that they thought he wouldn't make it. My heart was breaking for his new family. I prayed extra hard that night for the family to not give up on him too soon and for God to please heal him quickly. By the next morning Copper was up and jumping around though still a little wobbly and he is expected to make a full recovery! Eventually, I will use Copper in some upcoming paintings I have planned featuring the hunting breeds, but for now I'm just happy he's alive and well!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Good Morning! I thought I'd try and get another post in before my day got too busy. This is my current dog, Maggie, also a Chessie, in her favorite chair. I did this drawing because I liked the way the light was coming in on her and the folds of the fabric. Also, the look on her face kind of says, " This is MY chair so don't EVEN try to make me move!" She and my husband share this old recliner, but lately she ends up with it more than he does. It's not unusual for him to end up on the floor in front of the chair with Maggie licking his ears! She's such a spoiled dog, but I love her and don't know what I'd do without her. She is my constant companion. We hunt together, take long walks together and she helps me in the garden, usually picking her own veggies as we go. Her personality is totally different from Jake.... much more needy, much more loving, and totally self-centered. Can you tell?