Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Herons and Egrets

Great Blue Heron-5" x 7" acrylic on toned paper
This week I have been working on some small, quick studies that I will be listing for sale on my Daily Paintworks site.
The first one is of a great blue heron, one of my favorite wading birds. I see these birds quite often on my morning walks along the river. Most times they are tucked up and resting like this bird, but sometimes they are stalking the shallows in search of food.
Great Egret-5" x 7" acrylic and casein on toned paper
 The next bird is a great egret. These beautiful white birds show up here from time to time. In breeding season they are exquisitely plumed with long feathers that cascade down their backs and over their tails. At one time these birds were nearly wiped out because these plumes were used to adorn fancy ladies hats.
Black-crowned night heron-5" x7" acrylic on toned paper
The last bird is a black-crowned night heron. It is the smallest of the three and also very shy. A small group of them inhabit a pond near my home and can often be seen perching among the branches of the trees that overhang the water. Trying to get a photo of them for reference is a challenge as they just tuck themselves deeper into the branches and peer at you with red eyes. Sometimes, though, you get lucky and catch one out sunning itself.

All three of these beauties are available on my Daily Paintworks site. Just click the icon on the right and it will take you there.