Pet Portrait Gallery

Balin - Chesapeake Bay Retriever

For the past 20+ years I have had the privilege and the pleasure of painting portraits of beloved pets for all kinds of folks. I offer several sizes and price ranges to fit most peoples budgets. Pet portraits make wonderful keepsakes and are great gift ideas for those animal loving friends and family in your life. All it takes are some good, clear photos and a little information from you to give me an idea of the pets personality. I take it from there! Can I create one for you?

 Smaller and larger portraits are available. Please contact me for a quote.

 My email is

Below are some examples of portraits I've created.

A Lifetime of Brittanies-pencil with watercolor wash

Jasmine, PC, Mia - watercolor/gouache

In His Arms - Golden Retriever - watercolor/gouache
Chloe - watercolor/gouache

4 Chessies - pencil

Dark Chocolate - watercolor/gouache

Max - acrylic
"It's MY chair" Maggie - pencil
Maxine and Rudy - Gouache
Punkin and Belle - Pencil

Neeko - colored pencil

Bailey - Acrylic