Monday, May 2, 2016

Transformation-3 Herons

3 Herons in progress
 Now that the excitement and the activity from the duck stamp award has died down a bit I've been able to get back to the heron piece I had started a few weeks ago. This painting has gone really well from concept to finished painting in spite of it being somewhat of an experimental piece. That always makes me happy, but curious as to why some paintings just flow off the brush and others take everything you have in you to become the painting you envisioned. I may never know the answer to that question. Just glad it happens sometimes!
Transformation-3 Herons 11" x 18" acrylic
Here is the completed painting. 
The other nice thing about this painting is that it has already found a home with one of my collectors and that makes me especially happy!

Now that it's complete I can move on to the next painting. I have several ideas....perhaps an owl, or another kestrel or maybe something else. With spring migration in full swing there's lots of inspiration just outside my door!