Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy - English Setter Portrait

I can't believe that two weeks have passed by so quickly! What ever happened to August? In my world, it seems, that month never existed! Whoa! Slow down world you're making me dizzy!

I guess I must be working too hard that I'm not even noticing the passing of the days, but sometimes that's how creating art is. I can get so wrapped up in the idea, the creative process, the actual act of painting that hours can go by and I scarcely notice. I often find myself having to set alarms and timers lately to remind me of appointments or other things that I must stop and do. Sometimes, I'll be working away on one painting and something I've done will spark an idea for the next one, so I stop, make a note to myself ( hope I don't lose it!) and continue on.

I wonder if God had this problem when He was creating? Do you suppose He had to set alarms to remind him of an appointment? Can you just imagine him having to stop to deal with heavenly problems? NOT! I can barely imagine the speed of ideas, the pure joy in the whole process! Just look at the diversity all around us! I am humbled beyond words and to think He gave me just a minuscule taste of His ability with the talent He blessed me with!

Well, enough of my obscure is the latest painting. This dog's name is Happy and I think she looks it in the painting. She is an English Setter who loves to hunt chukar with her owner. They are a stylish pointing breed with beautiful feathering on their tails that looks like a flag when they are on point. She is painted with Prismacolor pencils on Stonehenge paper and was done as a commission.

Thanks for looking and hope your day is blessed by the ultimate Artist!