Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Wisdom

Winter sunrise over the duck pond
December is a special month for me. It is the month we officially mark the beginning of winter. We celebrate Christmas and the birth of our Savior. We spend time celebrating with friends and family. It is also my birth month.
First snow Hell's Gate State Park

December is when we usually see our first snow across the country. In the valley I live in we generally don't see very much of it and it usually doesn't last very long. Many people don't enjoy winter because it's dark longer, it's cold and the snow makes getting around difficult. I'm one of those rare folks that enjoy it. The first snowfall fills me with delight. I love the way it softens everything; the noise, the colors, the harshness. I like to go out and walk in it, breath in the cold freshness and allow the quiet that it brings to envelop me and invite me to slow down.
Swallows Park

 The thought struck me the other day that we don't listen very well to what winter is trying to tell us. All of nature understands that it's time to scale back it's activity, to rest, recover. Most of the landscape goes in to hibernation and birds and animals also tend to conserve their energy. But we humans go right on with our busy schedules and never find that rest and peace that winter brings.
View on Hwy. 12, Idaho
Consequently, we often feel worn out, stressed out and grumpy. I know, I'm guilty of it, too. So this winter, this Christmas season when all the activity around you is making you crazy, take a hint from nature. Stop, slow down, step outside and breath deeply of the cold air. Let the beauty of the season bring you joy. Let the Spirit of the season renew you and bring you peace.
Merry Christmas!