Saturday, March 14, 2015

Barn Owl on Mi-teintes

Barn Owl-watercolor and gouache on mi-teintes paper  6" x 8"

Here is another owl in my series of quick studies on toned paper. This one is a barn owl. He was a captive bird that was being kept by the Washington State University Raptor Club because he had been injured and could not be returned to the wild. WSU has a fantastic veterinary teaching hospital on the campus and injured wildlife of all kinds ends up there to be cared for. The Raptor Club uses some of these injured birds at schools or community events to educate others about them. It is always a great opportunity to see these birds up close as many are nocturnal or not very approachable in the wild.

Barn owls are another owl species with dark eyes. Their face is heart shaped and as their name implies they roost or nest in barns, buildings and dark cavities. 

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