Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sketches on toned paper

Barred Owl - watercolor and gouache on toned paper 6" x 8"

As I continue to count the days when I can join my husband I have been continuing to play with painting on the toned Mi-teintes paper. I am enjoying the process and the results so much that I am thinking of doing a series starting with some of my favorite subjects...owls! I am making these available for purchase through my Daily Paintworks online gallery via an auction format. I have been doing other birds as well, but the owls seem to be a favorite of many people besides myself so I'm starting the auctions with first this barred owl and then a barn owl. You can view the auction or make a bid here

I got to view this owl this winter when a friend called to say he had located one roosting in a bare tree along the river. The bird was very approachable and unconcerned by the three bird watchers below it snapping photos. At one point it blinked slowly, closed it's eyes and yawned! I took several reference photos, thanked the bird kindly for being so cooperative and then let it have it's nap for the day.

Barred owls are one of the few owl species with dark eyes. They are similar in looks to the endangered spotted owl and their range and habitat overlaps as the barred owls territory expands. It has been discovered that the two species hybridize and the spotted owl may be declining due in part to this and being killed by the barred owl. 

I currently have four bird sketches up for auction, with another one starting in a few days. Keep watching here or visit my Daily Paintworks gallery.