Friday, July 2, 2010

Snidely - The Pudelpointer

I'm taking a little break from painting this week, but I had the privilege of meeting this puppy this morning and felt I couldn't let a face like this go by without sharing. This is Snidely and he is a very handsome Pudelpointer. He is the newest addition to the household of my friends Dale and Linda and I was completely smitten with him. Dale brought him over for me to see and , of course, I just HAD to take pictures, not only because he has such an adorable face, but because I will eventually be painting him and because you just don't get to see a Pudelpointer every day!

So, just what is a "Pudelpointer" anyway? Is it some type of "designer" dog that someone thought would make a cute name if they bred them? Actually, a pudelponter is an official breed though not with the AKC. They are strictly a hunting breed that originates in Germany from breedings of German hunting poodles(pudels) and English pointers. They are bred to be versatile hunters on land and water and also great family dogs. I was vaguely familiar with the name of the breed, but had no in depth knowledge of them. However, after meeting Snidely I think I will be doing a little more research on them! Shhh! Don't tell Maggie, but I might just consider this breed for my next hunting dog!