Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latest Happenings...

Hey! A lot has been happening here lately and I feel like I've been running full speed for the last few weeks. So much for the lazy, "dog days" of summer! As you can see by the photo one of the new developments is a new hairdo. I'm now sporting a short, sporty hairstyle. Definitely cooler this time of year and really pretty easy care! 

Most of the news though and what I'm really excited about is my new website www.catherinetemple.com  featuring not only my pet portrait and dog art, but also my wildlife art. I have also created a Facebook fan page, Catherine Temple - Canine and Wildlife Art so if you're a Facebook junkie pop over there and become a fan. These are both great ways to get to know me and my art better and a way for me to connect with you!

Now that I have these up and running(which has been no small feat for someone like me who only a few years ago was more apt to shoot the computer as design a website!), I hope I can get back to some painting. While I am very pleased with these accomplishments they have really stretched me and my comfort zone. I have really started missing my paints and hope to put as much time and energy into creating pet portrait or wildlife art in the coming weeks as I have into designing a new website and fan page. And I'm sure you all would love to see some new work, too!

I think now I need to take a well deserved break, perhaps sit in the backyard, sip some iced tea and watch the hummingbirds play in the sprinklers. Ah, summer!!