Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feathered Elegance

The weather outside can't decide if it's winter or trying to be spring. The last two days I woke up to snow and cold in the morning, but by afternoon the sun has come out and all traces of snow have melted away only to return sometime during the night. But I guess that's pretty typical for March!

I snapped this photo on one of my outings and as you can see there's a little spring and a little winter in this picture. This beautiful ring neck pheasant was out searching for food right along the road and was not bothered at all that I had stopped my vehicle to snap his picture. I took quite a few actually, and he never moved off. In fact, I finally got tired of watching him! I think things would have been a little different if I had actually gotten out of my car. Sometimes vehicles can be great wildlife blinds because the animals get used to them and don't feel threatened, but if I had gotten out and pointed that "thing" at him ( the "thing" being my camera!) well that would have made him nervous and I'm sure he'd have flown off. I got some great reference material though....nice full body shots and close ups for detail. I'm formulating a few ideas for paintings so I'm sure you'll see this handsome fellow again.

I'm still working away towards my shows in April. Finally got most of my cards done, have inventoried my paintings and I'm starting to work on some prints. I have also decided to do up some miniature paintings, 5" x 7" or less, to offer as quick sale items of original work. They will be priced accordingly and I've decided that they will not be framed. That will save me time and money and if they are done on wrapped canvas where the sides can be painted they will work perfectly to hang without frames in a grouped display or on a table or desk on a small, decorative easel. These will most likely feature wildlife and probably some dogs, but either way I will post some here for all to see.

Time to get back to work and wait for the sun to melt the snow!