Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eagle 1

"Eagle 1" has landed! Sorry, I just couldn't resist the play on words! This is the first of the miniature paintings I've been working on for my upcoming shows. Living in an area with two major rivers gives me great opportunities to view a lot of wildlife. We have several eagles that work the rivers in search of food and I came across this one on one of my many morning walks. It was gracious enough to sit on it's high perch and allow me to photograph it, though it looks none too happy about it. I was actually able to get quite close. Not all of them are as cooperative as this one was...most fly off about the time I get close enough for a really good shot. I was able to get several nice photos before this one took to the skies so there will be more paintings in the future, hence the name "Eagle 1". This one is done in acrylic on a masonite panel. It is 5" x 7" and is for sale for $175.00. Inquiries may come to me at kindredspirits@clearwire.net.

Lots of exciting things have happened since the last time I wrote. First, the Art Show at the Dog Show has posted images of all the winners on their site so now everyone can go and view who the lucky 50 artists were that won awards. All of the final entries are on display so you can see the competition and judge for yourself. It is an awesome display of canine art. Please take some time to take a look.

I have recently set up a storefront on Etsy which, if you're not familiar with it, is a site dedicated to selling all hand made items. Right now I have only my ACEOs listed, but in the next few weeks I intend to have original artwork, prints and note cards available for purchase there. You can get to my store through this link ctempleart.etsy.com. Please drop by for a look. If there's something not there that you would like to see drop me an email. I do commissions and requests!

That's about all the news for now. I'm off to complete the three miniature paintings waiting for me in the studio. I'm working on three at once... a black lab puppy, a yellow lab puppy and a golden retriever puppy all done in acrylic. With any luck I'll have them done today!