Monday, January 26, 2009

Januarys' Beauty

Brrrrr!!! It's a chilly 10 degrees here this morning, but the sun was finally shining and cold or not I had to get out and be in it's bright brilliance. We've had so many dark, foggy, dreary days lately that the sun is definitely a welcome sight! We had light snow all weekend and it was fairly warm, about 32 - 34 degrees. As it warmed up the snow started to melt and icicles started to form. Apparently, we must have had an interesting freeze - thaw cycle going on because it formed these lacy designs hanging off my carport. I've never seen icicles quite like these so I snapped a few pictures to share with you.

On my walk this morning I was treated not only to the brilliant sun, but all the beauty a winters day in January can bring... ice crackling on the river as the water moves underneath it, crystal clear blue skies, snow sparkling so bright it brings tears to your eyes, steam rising off the river as the sun starts to warm it and ducks materialize and then disappear in the mist.

Yes, I know many parts of the country are experiencing some very nasty weather, but instead of grumbling about it perhaps we should try to find things about it we could enjoy like the intricate, lacy design of these icicles or the fascinating fact that no two snowflakes are alike. How amazingly creative our God is that he would do these things for us to enjoy! So wherever you live today, stop and take a moment to enjoy this January day. Find something that you love about winter....maybe it's hot chocolate, a warm snugly blanket and a good book. Or if you're like me the awesome beauty of the cold outdoors! Whatever it is remember this......This is the day the Lord has made! Rejoice and be glad in it!