Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Line Up - English Setter Puppies

Welcome to 2009 featuring my first painting for the New Year! I've entitled this "The Line Up". It was a suggestion from my husband who thought the puppies looked like they had just gotten caught in the middle of some mischief and were lined up so the guilty party could be identified. Looks to me like they're all guilty, but mostly of stealing ones heart!

I had taken this photo last summer and believe it or not these English Setter puppies had lined up just like this. I didn't really modify the design much from the photo except to perk up the ears on two of the pups because it made them all look too sad or serious. The original photo was shot with them inside a fenced area and it really made them look like they were convicts behind bars, hence the sad looks.

This is the first in my new series of Sporting Dog paintings, just one of my goals for the new year. This piece is done in gouache and is currently for sale. Prints and note cards are also available and I will also feature it as an ACEO on Ebay. If you are interested in purchasing the original or any of the reproductions please email me at

I have many new plans for my art business this coming year so please keep watching my blog and my website for new updates. In the works will be a face lift for my website, new portrait sizes for commissioned work, and online outlets to purchase prints and other merchandise featuring my new designs. I'm excited about the new possibilities and I think you will be too. As always, thanks for looking and Happy New Year!