Saturday, February 4, 2017

Great Blue

Great Blue - 9 x 14 acrylic

The month of January ticked by rather quickly and I spent the majority of those days in the studio working on paintings for my show. I really don't mind too much as the unusually cold and snowy winter weather we've been experiencing has not made it very pleasant to be outside. I do escape on a daily basis for my walks and have had a few exciting days enjoying birds and wildlife as they cope with the winter weather as well. But those are stories (and possibly paintings) for another day. Today I'm sharing a painting that I completed a few weeks ago.

Seems that I can never get enough of painting great blue herons. They are elegant and intriguing birds surrounded by myth and legend. In Native American cultures they are symbols of wisdom and patience. Watch any great blue for very long and you can definitely see where the "patience" part comes in as they stand motionless for what seems like hours. They also symbolize self-determination and independence. 

Though usually fairly wary at the approach of humans, this one stayed on it's perch and eyed me cautiously as I took photos for reference. I was a little cautious myself of getting too close as I have watched them go from this pose to spearing a fish in the blink of an eye. Connecting with that beak is not something I wanted to do. Thankfully, this one was only interested in staring me down with that penetrating yellow eye. I thanked it kindly when I left.

Though this was created for my show it is available for purchase through my Daily Paintworks gallery.