Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brittany portrait - work in progress part 2

Brittany portrait-work in progress
As you can see the portrait of the five Brittanies is coming along nicely. Every day I work on it I'm liking it more and more. 
Detail of Brittany portrait
 Above is a detail from the portrait showing the initial pencil work and what it looks like with the watercolor wash. Though it doesn't show very well in the photo the pencil marks are still visible beneath the paint. This is especially evident in the areas of fur that are white.

Using this technique is inspiring ideas for other paintings I'd like to try in the future. That happens quite often when I'm working on a piece. My mind gets into this creative zone that allows it to concentrate on the work I'm doing, yet wander off on other paths. I will often keep another sketch pad or notepad nearby that I will jot ideas on while I'm working. It's kind of a weird ability to have, but then I've never been accused of being normal!

Well, I'm off to continue painting. Hopefully, I will have a finished portrait in a few more days!