Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Lifetime of Brittanies Remembered

A Lifetime of Brittanies-14" x18" pencil and watercolor
The Brittany portrait is now complete and has already gone to it's new home, but this has turned out to be a bittersweet commission. One of the reasons my clients wanted the portrait done is because it represented a lifetime with their dogs, filled with memories of great hunts, the challenges of raising pups and just the wonderful days together that always seem too short. Three of the dogs in the portrait had already gone when I started the piece and Chipper was getting up there in years and having some problems, which was another reason for the painting. Unfortunately, we lost Chipper just the other day and another good dog goes on to hunt other places without us until it's our turn to join them.

I am always blessed by the opportunities that come my way to paint something so special and meaningful for other people. If I have done my job well it brings great pleasure to my clients and to me as well. When situations happen like the loss of a pet during the time that I was creating the painting it becomes even more than it was meant to be, touches both our lives in unexpected ways and, I believe, opens the door to healing a broken heart. 
Until next time.....may your days be filled with wet kisses, cold noses and wonderful memories.