Friday, March 1, 2013

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray - Acrylic - 5" x 5"- $100.00

While out on a walk recently I came across this beautiful little duck, a female Bufflehead. She had just surfaced from diving for food and was resting, completely motionless in the water. Tiny droplets of water sat like little diamonds on her tail. The day was calm, the water like a mirror and she was perfectly reflected in it. The cloudy skies kept the lighting even and the contrasts low creating a quiet study in shades of gray.

 We watched each other for quite a little while and I was struck by the subtle beauty of this tiny duck. Female birds are so often under appreciated because they lack the bright colors of the males, but their understated colors have a beauty all their own and serve an important purpose. During the nesting season it keeps them hidden from predators and helps to ensure the survival of both her and her ducklings

Watching her gave me a sense of calm and I knew that I would paint this moment and share something that might otherwise go unnoticed for it's lack of color and simplicity.