Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Me and Maggie

Thought I'd post a recent picture taken this past weekend of me with my dog, Maggie. It was an awesomely beautiful spring weekend and we were clowning around in the front yard. I didn't think posting the picture previous to this would be as good since it looked a lot like I was choking her. She doesn't like having her picture taken and you can tell she doesn't look really amused.

Some things have changed in my life recently and so I'm taking a step back to re- evaluate the direction I'm heading. Our household has been affected by the economy and my husband has been laid off. It looks like it will only be for a short time, but he works in construction so it's hard to tell. I would love to say that I make tons of money from my artwork, but that is not yet the case so ........I have made the decision to ( temporarily) work for someone else at a J. O. B. This has not been an easy decision for me since I have always believed that I would make my living from my art. I fully intend to continue with my painting and still do the outside job, but you, my readers, may notice that I may not be posting as many paintings in the weeks ahead. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with it all. If you're a praying type, please pray for my sanity as it tends to slip a bit and I get a bit grumpy when I neglect my creative side for too long!

I am trying to keep the right perspective about all this and be thankful for what help I can be, but my heart will always belong to my art and no other job I do has ever been able to satisfy me. Perhaps this will be a time of strengthening my dedication to my art and maybe it will take a new path all together. Being a creative soul I always have ideas of new things to try so maybe this will be a time of experimentation. On my website is a quote from a friend of mine about life being a long journey, so perhaps this is just another turn on that journey. I'm not sure where it will lead and sometimes that's a little scary, but I'm on the journey just the same so I guess I'll look forward to what's ahead. If you join me we'll find out together!