Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enumclaw Dog Show

This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Enumclaw, Wa. for the Olympic Kennel Clubs dog show. I had a booth there featuring some of my canine art and was hoping to attract some new clients who might be interested in having a portrait done as well as sell some of my prints and note cards of previous work. On the way over we decided to take the scenic route and drove through the Mt. Rainier National Park. This was indeed a very scenic area as the photo shows. I didn't really realize it, but that's one big chunk of rock!! The whole area is awe inspiring and I did have the opportunity to play tourist and at least snap some great pictures which may or may not become paintings some day. If I'd have had more time I would have loved to do some hiking and explore a little more, but my main objective was to be at that dog show so I'll have to plan another time for fun.
The show was busy and exciting and the weather was unbelievably hot for that area. Most of the show is held outdoors and that's where the vendors were, too. We tried to keep as cool as possible with awnings, fans and lots of water and they had set up a place with misters and fans for the people and a wading pool for the dogs to splash in. I was thinking the pool was looking pretty good and wondered if the dogs would mind if I joined them! I took along something to work on and completed this black lab puppy while I was there. Under normal conditions this would have been a quick and easy drawing to complete, but because it was so hot my hands were even sweating so I had to take breaks and dry off.
The show itself was over three days and on the last day about 4 a. m. some thunderstorms started to develop and move through. The lightning was spectacular and it struck a transformer and put out the power in our motel. Ever try to shower in the dark?
Fortunately, we had flashlights and got packed and headed over to check my booth and determine if it was safe to stay. I'm not exactly excited about being out in thunderstorms and the sky was looking pretty threatening. My husband told me I had five minutes to make up my mind to stay or pull up stakes and go. I hate making quick decisions, but a gut feeling said to cut and run. Within minutes the wind picked up and as we ran to start packing our booth up things all around us started flying around.
Now, I need to back up just a bit and tell you that last year some local folks told us that the name Enumclaw meant "big evil wind" so we were well prepared just in case and my husband who is a stickler for things being strong and secure had anchored down our tent and then anchored it again with stakes and straps so that in the event the "big evil wind" made an appearance my artwork would be safe. And indeed it was. However, we were in danger of being hit by flying canopies, signs, and product out of other vendor booths that had not been secured. We worked quickly and efficiently and managed to get everything loaded and got safely on the road to home.
Sometimes God picks unusual times to speak to me and as we were pulling away He reminded me that life is often like the "big evil wind". If we are not prepared for the storms that come, if we are not anchored down, when the storms come we will be swept away. It amazed me that so many vendors and even the dog show sponsors had not considered staking down their canopies or covering their product and when the storm started moving through it was destroying everything that was not anchored down or protected. I also considered how many people go through life just this way, including myself at times, and how important it is for us to have our feet firmly planted on the rock of God's word. I'm always appreciative when God takes the time to remind me of what is really important.
Well, thanks for listening to my ramblings this day. If anyone is interested in this pencil drawing of a black lab puppy, please contact me.