Monday, August 4, 2008

Downtown Deer

Wonders never cease! This morning I got up and as I was making my coffee I looked out my window to see this nice mule deer buck jump the fence in my neighbors yard and walk down the sidewalk! I thought I was dreaming! I live in a downtown area although not far from a park and the river and bike paths along it. In 11 years of living here I have never seen a deer in town though they are sometimes in the park. For me it's always a treat to see wildlife and nature and even though I live in town I try to attract birds, etc. And even though I live in town my heart is always in the wild somewhere. I grew up in a rural area and that is always where I want to be...somewhere out and away where nature wanders through your yard all the time.
I guess I was missing this aspect of my life alot this weekend as my husband, Brian, and I took a trip to the mountains in Idaho to a place that we spent alot of time at quite a few years ago now. We drove around remembering hikes, hunting and time we'd spent together there. We located a small stream that we'd found some pretty rocks in once and tried panning for gold, though all we really found were alot more pretty rocks and lots of small garnets. It was a wonderful, relaxing time, but as I drove out of the area and headed back to town my heart started longing for the quiet and solitude that I found there. I truly miss that and lately seem to desire it more and more. I guess God knew that and sent this deer this morning to remind me He always knows the desires of my heart. I may not be able to live in the wilds right now, but God reminded me that His wild creation is all around us.... all we have to do is be willing to open our eyes and our hearts to it.
A while back I had a dream where people told me I was to make God visible to a world that can't see Him. Perhaps this is one way, by sharing little surprises like this. Thank you for this day, Lord, and thank you for this reminder!