Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kestrels Again

Female Kestrel-acrylic 5" x 7"
I seem to really be stuck on this kestrel theme lately and have created two more paintings of them. 
Male Kestrel- acrylic 5" x 7"
These are separate paintings depicting a male and a female and may be purchased as a pair or would also make a nice individual piece.

I am hoping to continue this series and have ideas for at least a few more paintings featuring American kestrels. I have found a couple of nesting pairs this spring and hope to follow them through the nesting season taking photos and making sketches. Sometimes it's nice to study your subject in depth instead of just creating an artwork and moving on. There is so much to learn and I think it helps you to grow as an artist by slowing down and really observing your subject.

These two paintings are available directly from me or may be purchased through my Daily Paintworks gallery. They are $125.00 each or $200.00 for the pair.
Stay tuned and see what I come up with next!