Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pudelpointer #3 - Porter

Porter - Acrylic 11" x 14"

Here is the latest commission I just completed. This is another Pudelpointer named Porter. He belongs to a wonderful family in Wisconsin who says he is a great hunting dog as well as a loveable goof-ball. We decided on a montage type of portrait done in acrylic to best capture the essence that is Porter. Using photographs she sent me I was able to place Porter in a scene common to rural Wisconsin doing what this versatile hunting breed loves to do....point and hunt!

This is the third Pudelpointer I have had the privilege to paint. It's not a very common breed so I feel quite honored that these folks have sought me out to paint their beloved pets and I have found it to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know the breed better. It's my understanding that they are a very versatile breed for hunting waterfowl and upland game. What I have found most interesting about them is that their coat can vary considerably from being very smooth, to wiry and coarse and everything in between. They all seem to have whiskered faces, but even that can vary a lot. Snidely (here) and Porter have a lot of wild facial hair while Tukr (here), the first one I painted, had a more manicured look to him.

 I particularly enjoyed painting Porters "organized chaos" hairstyle. It looks like it might have taken just a few quick brushstrokes, but in reality it took several layers to get it to have the depth and wild look that Porter seems to be known for. Acrylic is a great medium for that as you can put down a layer and it dries quickly. I could then glaze over it with different colors and seal it with a gloss varnish to bring out the depth and highlights and keep working back and forth until I was satisfied with the results.

Thanks again to Porters family for allowing me to create something special for you!

Anyone else out there interested in a portrait of any breed or pet please check out my portrait page here for further info and contact me for a quote. I will be happy to create a special piece you will always treasure!