Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Golden Retriever Puppy

Copper is a Golden Retriever puppy that I had the opportunity to photograph last summer. I was able to take lots of reference photos of him and got quite a few that I will be using for paintings in the future. This is the second one I have done of him titled "Copper Highlights" because I really like the way the sun reflected off the color of his coat illuminating the copper colors there. This is painted with acrylics on a hardboard panel and is 6"x 6". It would look awesome displayed on a small, decorative easel sitting on a desk or bookshelf. It will be included in my upcoming show at the Lewiston Spring Cluster Dog Show, April 17th - 20th in Lewiston, Idaho. If it doesn't sell there it will travel with me to the next show at Art Under the Elms at the Dogwood Festival, April 24th - 26th also in Lewiston, Id. It is for sale priced at $175.00 and inquiries can come to me at kindredspirits@clearwire.net.

Only ten more days left now until my first show. I have finally come to a point where I can't think of one more thing to paint, or one more card to make that I could have finished in time for these shows so I guess I'll give myself a break and trust that I have done everything I can to get ready. I will run through the last minute check list and tie up those loose ends, but time now not to stress. I need to relax a little, maybe play in the dirt for therapy (it's warm enough here to start some spring planting!), and think about conversations I will have with people coming in to my booth. You know, mentally prepare.

So, since it's a nice day I think I'll start with playing in the dirt. Somehow, for me, digging up weeds and feeling warm earth in my hands (and if it's warm enough....under my bare feet!) is great therapy for me.