Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tiny Truck Dogs- Yorkies in Pencil

These two little darlings are a pair of Yorkshire Terriers named Matilda and Melvin. They are quite the pair! I had the opportunity to meet them both and take my own reference photos. Matilda was quiet and reserved with this wild hair sproinking out all over. Melvin had the terrier spirit, thinking he was much larger than his size and ready to take on the world, or at least that bigger dog he heard barking at the neighbors! Both dogs enjoy going places with their owner like out for walks or gathering wood, hence the "tiny truck dog" theme.

In my neck of the woods you often see dogs riding in the back of pickup trucks and they get the name of "truck dogs". Many of these dogs are working breeds like cattle dogs or border collies and are used for herding or ranch work. They go everywhere with their masters and are usually left guarding the truck when their masters go to town. If you look close you can see a hint of window frame as they peer out waiting patiently for their masters return.

Hope you enjoy these two little cuties! Thanks for looking!